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Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan Tiles

All Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall..
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The Moroccan Tiles

There is nothing more beautiful; than the colorful Moroccan Tiles walls.; people typically use Tiles in bathrooms, kitchen, pool, but you can decorate any space you like with Moroccan tiles. Although the idea of installing tiles in your own house might seem overwhelming, and risky; but it worths a try.

If you ever been to Morocco; go visit Fez or Meknes or Marrakech, and you’ll get to see the beauty of the Moroccan tiles, and that fancy, luxurious, and extravagant flair they add to places.
the Moroccan courtyard; is the artistry place where you notice the creative work of tiles on walls, in fountains, on the floor, and even on tables glazed garnished with Moroccan tiles.

The Moroccan tiles or so-called Zellige; has origins that go back to the Hispano-Moresque period; precisely in Al-Andalus; the known as Spain today; where the Moorish architects developed their techniques; as they replaced the glass with glazed and colored cut ceramics; also, they Integrated some mathematical geometric shapes, to make them beautiful, in a resilient way, that the eye enjoys looking at them.

Our Moroccan  Zellige or tiles; come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and textures; suitable for different spaces inside or outside your house.

We are providing incredible several collections; Moroccan artisans handmade all of them from natural clay and colors; for both antique and reproduced cement or Mosaic Moroccan tiles; plus the cement which integrals part of the tiles structure; so as they ages and wears the pattern and color remain. There are so many manufacturing techniques artisans use to create them; yet,  so many types of tiles; patterned tiles or decorative tiles.

in general, throughout Moroccan architecture; Moroccan tile’s propensity is toward abstraction and non-representation, according to the framework of Islamic Art; the tile motifs, forms, and colors increased over the centuries.  although there are other forms like hexagons, cross, and stars; however, the current form that we work with, is the square;  all colors are available in our factory, we make the most excellent pieces of tiles, that will endure the heat, the sunlight, and the water;  so it would be perfect for all kind of surfaces.

Moroccan Tiles are the most accessible, and most versatile flooring options; their surface is soo smooth, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. However, not all types of tiles can be used in the same way; that’s why you should know how to use the various types of tiles correctly;  respecting the size, the colors, and the motif used, for example in the kitchen; either on the floor, wall, bathroom counters, showers, outdoor areas, or the splashbacks, you can use the Cement or mosaic tiles that are less colored and so, always depending on your choice, and how you want to add those  Moroccan tiles to your space.

All Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall..
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