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Moroccan tiles suppliers

Moroccan tiles suppliers

Moroccan tiles suppliers

We are one of Moroccan tiles Suppliers, our tiles are handmade with the dedication of master skilled craftsmen using high-quality materials to a real traditional Moroccan tile. We are specialists in traditional Moroccan tiles.

Moroccan tiles suppliers are owned by  Moroccan Tiles Factory, who has been involved in this craft for a long time.

Our company is well known to make Moroccan tiles, Moroccan mosaic, Moroccan zellij, accessible to our clients around the world.

Our skilled craftsmen are continuously designing, creating, and producing the highest quality Moroccan Tiles, Moroccan mosaic, Moroccan zellij, attesting to our expertise in the field of Moroccan design and decor.

Moroccan tiles or Moroccan zellij is an art of putting in ceramic pieces that will form in the end several complex geometrical forms.

Our master craftsmen are specialized in this art, for they learned how to design and create shapes by tiles at a very early age.

Our unique Moroccan tiles used to be a symbol to express wealth for famous families.

The best Moroccan tiles are made in Fez, that’s why we “Moroccan tiles suppliers” are situated in Fez to provide to our customers the best flawless Moroccan tile.

Moroccan tiles suppliers aim to achieve the beauty of our Moroccan tiles, there are several steps.
First is finding good quality clay, which is well known to have a lot in Fez city.

Second, the clay needs to be soft by putting it in the water, after it needs to be dried by the natural heat.

Then comes the turn of craftsmen which making the tile to the desired shape, flat or square, and then to store them in a cool place, after this the tiles are painted by hand, and be placed in the natural wood-fired kilns to be cooked evenly.

Next is the most important step where master craftsmen cut and shape the small pieces.

In the end, the tiles are put together and glued to form medium squares, ready to be installed.

Moroccan tiles suppliers make sure to serve the most genuine Moroccan tiles through these steps.

We also make sure you receive your Tiles fast and safe with our contracted famous shipping companies such as UPS, DHL, Containers, etc.

Moroccan tiles suppliers offer a collection of handmade Moroccan tiles for a wholesale to enjoy the Moroccan touch in your interior design.

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The Art of Moroccan Tiles

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