Moroccan tiles is used for bathrooms, kitchens and for any specific place in the house. Moroccan tiles or Zellij are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures and suitable for the different distances inside and outside the house.
We are providing incredible several colors, shapes and sizes, all of them are handmade for both antique and reproduction. Mosaic or Zellij are handmade clay and cement tiles with the pattern an integral part of its structure so as the tile ages and wears the pattern and color remain. Besides, it depends on the locale, cement tiles have many names and manufacturing techniques used to create them. They are most commonly known as patterned tiles or decorative tiles.

Moroccan tiles can also be assumed within the framework of Islamic Art. Arabesque tiles, and arabesques in general, can be found throughout Moroccan architecture. This propensity toward abstraction and non-representation in Moroccan Zellij tile. Arabic art is also evident in the many Moroccan fountains found throughout the region in cities like Fes and Marrakech. As water represents life, special care has always been paid to the ornamentation of wet environments.
Moroccan bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and Hamams are often showpieces of Moroccan mosaic tiles. Ceramic Moroccan tiles grace many communal fountains in countless Moroccan kasbahs

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