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Moroccan tiles factory is a gateway to people who are dazzled by everything related to Moroccan interior design including Moroccan  Zellij & Moroccan mosaic. This company is reputable for long time ago. Moreover, it is well famous in the field of ” Zellij ” as one of the few companies that have the largest independent tile distributors.

Moroccan tiles factory has its own professional workers who make the amazing ceramic tiles starting by coloring cement. as well as pouring cement into a form in molds and press them, and finally break the molds to see the final results.

Our company provides top of tiles products in different colors, sizes and shapes depending on the client want and wishes. Besides, we have the greatest reputation ever which is an honor for us.

In case you have a question, consults, or more information please contact us on the number below

Phone Number  & WhatsApp : +212 644 327 434
E-mail: contact@moroccantilesfactory.com

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