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Building Companies


We are a Buiding company agreed by the ministry of Morocco, specialized in producing the best quality of Tiles, Mosaic, Zellij. Our role is to help the big or small Building Companies to give their customers a beautiful different idea about the Moroccan tile. So as they can put the Moroccan traditions touch on their homes.

Our Company has a big experience in working with different Building Companies from around the world, so we can be your project manager. Also, we provide a “custom-made”, so no worries about neither shapes or designs. Besides, we never share information about the Building Company give us, we keep everything secret and safe.  We care only about our customers’ satisfaction.


Generally, a tiler works on commercial and residential projects. There is a direct relationship between nature and tiles quality of the product required where the payment made by the client. Hence, the tiler has a continuing responsibility to work professionally in order to meet the requirements of the customer and thus maintain and grow the business. Tiling is nearly associated with other parts of the building industry, and with the many products that support it, normally for commercial objectives.

Otherwise, all of our Moroccan tile, mosaic and Zellij are handmade in our factory located in Fez Morocco, where we employ professional and experienced craftsmen. Due to the complexity, and labor intensity of Zellij every one of our teams handles a specific task and masters it well. The raw material team specializes in transforming the clay to shoot ceramic, and the coloring team handles the coloring process only before the second firing step. Also, the cutting team that specializes in cutting different mosaic pieces, and finally the assembly team which makes mosaic sheets out of the loose pieces.

If you are planning to decorate your space with tiles, just contact our company Moroccan tile Factory, and we will make sure to help you decorate your house with the design you wish, and with the Moroccan touch.

In brief, We work with international Building Companies, we participate in buildings, our company is certified by the Government, custom made under your request, and we have contracts with different shipping companies (CONTAINERS, DHL, FEDEX, POST…).